Sustainable blue economy

Sustainable blue economy

There are numerous benefits that that humankind has from the ocean;
-    70% of the World’s oxygen comes from the ocean and it is produced by marine plants
-    Ocean is absorbing 30% of carbon dioxide emissions and 90% of the excess heat trapped by greenhouse gases, in conclusion, it helps to slow climate change
-    If the ocean were a country, at several trillion dollars per year of economic activity, the ocean would rank 7th on the list of largest nations by GDP
-    It is the source of hundreds of millions of jobs, in fisheries, aquaculture, shipping, tourism, energy production and other sectors
-    Small-scale fishing provides about half of the world’s harvested seafood – but provides 44 times as many jobs per ton of fish as industrial fisheries do!

There are two main elements for the Blue Economy. The first is the necessity of protecting, cleaning and preserving the existing ocean resource base that already supplies food and to billions of people. Depleted fish stocks that are permitted to recover can ultimately deliver higher, sustainable fish yields and associated jobs. If protected and restored, coastal ecosystems such as coral reefs and mangroves can deliver increased coastal protection benefits from storm surges and sea level rise. All these steps as a consequence can bring higher fish yields and increased tourism revenue. The other side of the Blue Economy is where opportunities may exist for enhanced or new sustainable economic activity derived from the ocean.
The integration of Ocean Alliance Conservation Member group’s Sustainable Ocean Solution (and its value) is allowing the governments and countries to become more competitive on the global industry tourism market by offering safe plastic-free beaches, protected marine areas for fragile aquatic life, and for tourists and people in general. OACM is a synonym for blue economy in the environmental field with high-efficiency marine conservancy program based on concrete measures.


We are delighted to have Your contribution and presence at the first edition of the Plastic Ocean Summit where Your organization can present sustainable projects that can make a contribution or can be implemented by OACM globally to protect, preserve and clean our oceans, lakes and rivers. Kindly fill in the registration form or send us an e-mail directly, including the details of participants on behalf of Your organization at the Summit.

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