OACM launches ICBEC accelerating collaboration between Government and Corporate Sector
10 Jun 2024

OACM launches ICBEC accelerating collaboration between Government and Corporate Sector

ICBEC is the next step in evolution in developing new economic, environmental and social directives that can withstand and battle today’s environmental threats and climate change challenges. The objective of the Green Corporate Business & Trade Alliance is to unite global corporations to integrate OACM’s SOS CP and White Flag CSMA sustainable corporate environmental preservation practices as part of the ECR (Environmental Corporate Responsibilities). This will provide the corporate sector authentic recognition of their corporate communication based on concrete ECR measures taken and stronger positioning of their products on the market. OACM aims to divide the global corporate sector and focus on the ones who seek to develop entirely new, long-term economic, environmental and marketing approaches that can truly impact society. With respect to the accelerated effects of natural resources deterioration, global warming and climate change, future corporate development must redefine its current strategies in environmental and social responsibilities. The corporate sector must align its resources with the government sector and to share the responsibilities of the natural resource deterioration and damage caused by climate change. It needs to focus its entire corporate communications based on, first of all, concrete actions toward problem solutions.

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We are delighted to have Your contribution and presence at the first edition of the Plastic Ocean Summit where Your organization can present sustainable projects that can make a contribution or can be implemented by OACM globally to protect, preserve and clean our oceans, lakes and rivers. Kindly fill in the registration form or send us an e-mail directly, including the details of participants on behalf of Your organization at the Summit.

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