How the EU ETIS will accelerate global integration of UN SDG with support from OACM SOS CP System
10 Jun 2024

How the EU ETIS will accelerate global integration of UN SDG with support from OACM SOS CP System

UN SDG & SOS CP system acceleration

UN Sustainable Development Goals and SOS CP introduction will mainly be focused on its integration and implementation in government and corporate sector or already showcased existing examples. The EU ETIS deals with action and implementation, commitment and solutions whose examples are taken from already integrated nations from all over the world. Presentation by governments and corporate sector will be introducing new modern and effective integration methods by the UN SDG and SOS CP and demonstrating how to achieve full potential of the system which has a positive economic and environmental effect .EU ETIS program is specifically designed to bring the already successful stakeholders with integrated system to accelerate its integration in EU and rest of the world where it is currently not utilised by the government or corporate sector. This has resulted in an inadequate environmental preservation and negative economic global impact which represents an immediate threat to human life and social and environmental aspects. EU ETIS is striving to change the inadequate utilisation of SOS CP and bring UN SDG to its full potential by bringing all necessary stakeholders together and providing them with new modern mechanism for effective integrations.

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