Maritime security

Maritime security

Maritime security represents one of the crucial topics covered at the Plastic Ocean Summit since a very big part of activities is depended on the sea and therefore peace and prosperity connected to the maritime security. A traditional definition refers to the naval strategy aspects with regard the protection of national maritime borders and sensitive maritime trade choke-points. Due to climate changes, migrations, and percentage of activities depended on maritime transport, today we face new challenges that redefine the term maritime security and all its aspects. Based on shared responsibility, Plastic Ocean Summit participants - together with the experts in the maritime security field - will aim to tackle the issues connected to the maritime security by providing answers on how to make our oceans secure.


We are delighted to have Your contribution and presence at the first edition of the Plastic Ocean Summit where Your organization can present sustainable projects that can make a contribution or can be implemented by OACM globally to protect, preserve and clean our oceans, lakes and rivers. Kindly fill in the registration form or send us an e-mail directly, including the details of participants on behalf of Your organization at the Summit.

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