Why Plastic Ocean Summit?
07 Mar 2019

Why Plastic Ocean Summit?

The mission of the Plastic Ocean Summit is to create better synergy between the countries and the tourism industry sector, highlighting the importance of the need for better and more efficient conservancy program of their natural resources (oceans, lakes and rivers).

Plastic Ocean Summit will present the concrete measures which have been taken to combat plastic pollution. Countries and their governments, world organizations and corporate partners which share corporate social responsibility will have the opportunity to present their effort toward cleaning, preserving and saving oceans and show their Certified Safe Marine Areas, plastic-free zones, which contributes to their economic growth and creates their way to the sustainable tourism industry. The accent is on creating a communication platform between those governments, world organizations and corporate partners to unite and develop sustainable solutions that can be implemented globally to fight ocean pollution more effectively.

During the summit, Ocean Alliance Conservation Member group will present a collaboration plan for each individual world organization - on how to integrate the OACM SOS conservancy program for establishing a universal program that can be implemented globally. This collaboration plan is based on OACM concrete measures of physical extraction of the marine debris and plastic from oceans, lakes and rivers, and the prevention of future pollution by using the White Flag Ocean Communication, Education and Promotion System (OCEPS) integrated into White Flag Certified Safe Marine Areas (CSMA). POS has put a strong focus on delivering sustainable ocean solutions (SOS) to OACM member countries (and their governments), aimed towards protection and preservation of natural resources by helping the strategical development in the environmental and tourism industry.

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We are delighted to have Your contribution and presence at the first edition of the Plastic Ocean Summit where Your organization can present sustainable projects that can make a contribution or can be implemented by OACM globally to protect, preserve and clean our oceans, lakes and rivers. Kindly fill in the registration form or send us an e-mail directly, including the details of participants on behalf of Your organization at the Summit.

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