OACM Officially Launched ANU7-OI ( Arab Nations United Ocean Initiative )
23 Feb 2023

OACM Officially Launched ANU7-OI ( Arab Nations United Ocean Initiative )

OACM has initiated the ANU7-OI ( Arab Nations United Ocean Initiative ) Program in Middle East focused on developing world first regional economic and environmental resilient tourism industry hub.ANU7-OI program includes UAE, KSA, Oman,Bahrain, Egypt, Qatar and Jordan.First steps with governments are made in 2022 with the UAE government and in 2023 with Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan who supported and expressed significant interests.The core essence of ANU7-OI is to create and expand CSMA ( Certified SAFE Marine Areas ) a part of the SOS CP Program ( Sustainable Ocean Solutions Conservancy Program ).The CSMA is the most fundamental tourism industry service, it provides human and marine life plastic free Certified SAFE Marine Area.This program will define the future development of the tourism industry sector and its future sustainbility.

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