OACM as Global Headquarters for Plastic and Marine Debris

OACM as Global Headquarters for Plastic and Marine Debris

OACM fundamental and basic orientations to improve the state of the ocean - with already more than 70 governments in process of establishing the White Flag CSMAs (plastic-free marine areas) - have already become the headquarters for marine debris pollution. The mission of OACM headquarters is to create and expand plastic-free marine areas within its member countries and to provide impact to the state of the ocean in order to secure its future sustainability and main function. In the process of its protection and preservation, the information and collected data from all OACM member countries and continents will all be gathered in the OACM main headquarters to get processed for developing new and more effective methods of protection and plastic extraction.

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We are delighted to have Your contribution and presence at the first edition of the Plastic Ocean Summit where Your organization can present sustainable projects that can make a contribution or can be implemented by OACM globally to protect, preserve and clean our oceans, lakes and rivers. Kindly fill in the registration form or send us an e-mail directly, including the details of participants on behalf of Your organization at the Summit.

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